“The Letter” by The Box Tops goes No.1 in 1967

One of the 1960’s classics and seminal Rock songs

“The Letter” by The Box Tops goes No.1 in 1967

Written by Wayne Carson, “The Letter” was first recorded by the American rock band the Box Tops in 1967. It was sung in a gruff blue-eyed soul style by 16-year-old Alex Chilton. The song was the group’s first and biggest record chart hit, reaching number one in the United States and Canada. It was also an international success and reached the top ten in several other countries. “The Letter” launched Chilton’s career and inspired numerous cover versions such as the one from English rock and soul singer Joe Cocker in 1970 that became his first top ten single in the U.S. “The Letter” reached number one on the Hot 100 singles chart on September 23, 1967. It remained at the top position for four weeks and Billboard ranked the record as the number two song for 1967. The single sold more than one million copies and it’s regarded today as one of the 1960’s seminal Rock songs, an enduring classic that still meets it’s most famous version on The Box Tops and Alex Chilton.

Watch The Box Tops performing “The Letter” on “Upbeat” TV Show in 1967

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