“Karma Chameleon” gives Culture Club another hit in 1983

The song is to many the essence of 80’s Pop music

“Karma Chameleon” gives Culture Club another hit in 1983

The successful British Pop band Culture Club lead by singer Boy George ruled the charts a little bit around the world during the early 1980’s, on September 24th 1983 they scored their second U.K No.1 with “Karma Chameleon”, a song that to this day represents to many the 80’s Pop music essence. The song, which was featured on the group’s 1983 album “Colour by Numbers” reached No.1 on the U.S Hot 100 in 1984 and was their only US number-one single among their many top 10 hits. “Karma Chameleon” it’s a must be on every 1980’s playlist and party, and pretty much everyone knows the song. The famous harmonica part was played by Judd Lander, who had been a member of Merseybeat group The Hideaways in the 1960’s.

Watch the famous 1983 music video of “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club

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