Dave Grohl joins Nirvana in 1990

A match made in heaven

Dave Grohl joins Nirvana in 1990

Dave Grohl was the drummer for Washington DC’s Punk band Scream,  when in 1990 the bass player of the band quit, not sure if they would go on as a band. they still looked for a replacement, meanwhile,  Grohl talked to Buzz Osbourne from The Melvins to ask if he knew anyone that could do the job, Osbourne, who was a longtime friend of Kurt Cobain told Ghrol that Nirvana was actually looking for a new drummer and gave him their phone numbers. The band had gone through a wide range of drummers since they first formed in 1987. During the “Bleach” period they settled with Chad Channing with whom they stayed during two years until 1990. After Channing’s departure they performed and recorded with borrowed drummers Dan Peters from Mudhoney and Dale Crover from Melvins, who already had played drums in some of the “Bleach” tracks. Being a time of change and development for the band’s sound, they were looking for a drummer that could be versatile enough to play Punk and Pop with the same passion. After Grohl auditioned with Cobain and Krist Novoselci in Seattle, all concluded it was the perfect match for the “in progress””Nevermind” songs, unlike all the other Nirvana drummers, and as good as Chad Channing was, Grohl was more versatile and delivered creativity and a signature beat to the songs which was essential to what they wanted to do at the time along with his back vocals that matched with Kurt Cobain lead ones. Dave performed his first show with Nirvana on October 11th, 1990 at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington. Having spent time recording with producer Butch Vig in Wisconsin, initially, their plan was to release their second album “Nevermind” on Sub Pop, but the band received a great deal of interest based on the demos and Grohl spent the initial months with Nirvana traveling to various labels as the band shopped for a deal, eventually signing with DGC Records. In the spring of 1991, the band entered Sound City Studios in Los Angeles to record “Nevermind “. After “Nevermind”, Dave Grohl became one of the world’s most famous drummers,  however Nirvana’s premature end in 1994 Grohl considered leaving the music business. By then a skilled multi-instrumentalist, he launched his own music project that he named Foo Fighters. The band was put together in late 1994 and in 1995 released their first album that was entirely composed and recorded by Grohl alone. Dave Grohl has come a long way since he joined Nirvana in 1990, today he is regarded as one of Rock and music in general most influential artists and with a long career that he has been carefully managed over the years. The timing was perfect for Grohl when he met Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in 1990, the three together became the classic Nirvana line up and without knowing, he was about to make music history and drawing his own successful musical future.

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