Mark Hamill, The Eternal Luke Skywalker Turns 72 Today

The “Star Wars” character gave the actor the most famous role of his life

Mark Hamill, The Eternal Luke Skywalker Turns 72 Today

Mark Hamill was born Mark Richard Hamill on September 25th, 1951 in Oakland, California, United States. Hamill’s big break came in 1977 when he played the popular “Star Wars” character Luke Skywalker, since then, despite having built a long and active career, this is the character that he is still mostly remembered for and associated with. Hamill reprise the role of Luke Skywalker in 1980 on “The Empire Strikes Back”, in 1983 on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and again in 2015 on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Additionally he has done the voices for several animation movies and series as well as video games, most notably the Joker in the Batman universe.

Watch Mark Hamill portraying Luke Skywalker on the 1983 “Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi” dueling against Darth Vader

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