Suede’s Brett Anderson turns 56

The frontman for British Alternative Rock band Suede who met their peak during the 1990’s

Suede’s Brett Anderson turns 56

Brett Lewis Anderson was born on September 29th, 1967 in Lindfield, Sussex, England. Brett formed Suede in the late 1980’s and by 1993 they released their critically acclaimed debut album “Suede”. Though the band was labeled as Britpop, like most of the British alternative rock bands in the early 90’s, Suede’s sound was back then distinctively different from Blur, Pulp or Oasis. Physically different too, Brett was quite effeminate and androgynous, musically Suede were closer to 1970’s David Bowie than The Beatles. Suede had a string of Alternative Rock hits such as “Animal Nitrate”, “The Drowners”, “Metal Mickey”, “So Young”, and later “The Beautiful Ones”, “Trash” and “She”, despite being very successful in Europe, to the point where Brett gave an interview together with fan and idol David Bowie to the NME in 1993,  the band never quite made it into the North American market, specially during their highly acclaimed period, between 1993-1994, which was when Grunge Rock dominated American charts making it harder for a band like Suede to compete with it. Aside of Suede, that broke up in 2010 as a band but reformed in 2010, Brett also had his own band The Tears that he formed with the first Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. Currently, Brett and Suede still play together, however he dedicates much more time to his solo career that counts with already 4 studio albums. Over the years he has also enrolled in several side projects with other musician.

Watch Suede doing a brilliant performance of “Animal Nitrate” live at the 1993 Brit Awards

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