The Bros twins Luke Goss and Matt Goss turn 55 today

Looking back at the short history of one of the 1980’s Pop music phenomenon’s, Bros

The Bros twins Luke Goss and Matt Goss turn 55 today

The British boyband Bros, were one of Europe’s most notorious Pop phenomenon’s during the late 1980’s. With teenage twin brothers Luke Goss and Matt Goss, who were born on September 29, 1968 in Lewisham, London fronting the band, and school friend Craig Logan on bass guitar, the teen act first explored in popularity when they released their single “When Will I Be Famous?” in November, 1987.

Prior to that they had released the debut “I Owe You Nothing” which peaked only at number 80 in the UK singles charts. But the popularity of “When Will I Be Famous?” escalated quickly across Europe, turning Bros into a Pop phenomenon, which at a point had the Metropolitan Police had to close off part of Oxford Street in central London when an overwhelming number of fans turned up to a record signing by the band at the flagship store of record shop HMV. The song, reached the top ten in 12 countries across Europe, included No.1 in Ireland and No.2 in the UK, also peaking at number 10 in the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Alongside with the teen fanbase of the band, they also had a string of Pop hits including the reissue of “I Owe You Nothing”, “Drop The Boy” and “Cat Among The Pigeons” among others. Their debut album, “Push”, was released in 1988, entering straight at No.2 at the UK Albums Chart. Mainly across Europe and Australia, “Push” sold millions of copies. Overall, all their records are estimated to have sold 16 million records worldwide. Bros launched the successful world tour to promote “Push”, that resulted in the release of their debut home video. In 1989, Craig Logan left the band reportedly due to illness. Bros continued as a duo with the twins Luke and Matt, but as the 1990’s approached, the Brosmania faded away, and their next records didn’t produced any notable hits. Their third and final album, “Changing Faces”, was released in 1991 before the band called it quit in 1992.
Both twins engaged in solo careers, with Matt Goss, the lead singer having some moderate chart success with songs such as “The Key” and “If You Were Here Tonight”, and having his own Vegas Residency at The Palms, Caesars Palace and The Mirage. As for Luke Goss, he also continued his career far from Britain, and settled in the U.S, where he became an film actor, appearing in movies such as “Blade II” and “Hellboy II”. Craig Logan became a songwriter for other artists and later, an artist manager, becoming the head of RCA Records in the UK from 2006 to 2010 before launching his own management company. Today the twins Matt and Luke turn 54, and they’re no longer the teens that broke into the Pop music mainstream back in the 1980’s, but left a good memory written on the Pop Culture history.

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