“The Flintstones” debut in 1960

One of the first animated TV series to become a success worldwide

“The Flintstones” debut in 1960

“The Flintstones” the popular ’60’s cartoon series first aired on ABC TV 63 years ago on September 30th, 1960, eventually becoming a hit around the world. Pre-dating The Simpsons by almost 30 years, The Flintstones was the first prime-time animated show on TV,  and until 1997 when The Simpsons stole the crown, The Flintstones aired the most episodes of any animated show in prime-time, with 166 episodes between 1960 and 1966. Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their neighbors, Barney and Betty Rubble, lived in Bedrock during 10,000 B.C. Fred and Barney work at a quarry, and Betty and Wilma were homemakers constantly at odds with their husbands. In the third and fourth seasons, respectively, kids Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm joined the cast. The show was so successful that it established Hanna-Barbera as the largest producer of animated films. In 2013, TV Guide ranked The Flintstones the second Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time after The Simpsons. “The Flintstones” still have a large fan base today, they have a cult following that hardly will die out due to their strong impact on Pop Culture.

By Ken Warren, 2018

Look back at the original opening and closing of “The Flintstones” show in 1960

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