Joy Division release debut single “Transmission” in 1979

The Manchester Post Punk band became one of the most influential in Rock

Joy Division release debut single “Transmission” in 1979

On October 7th 1979, Joy Division release their debut single, “Transmission” on historical Manchester label Factory Records. Prior to that, the Post Punk British band already had released the 4 track EP “An Ideal For Living” in 1978 and the album “Unknown Pleasures” in June 1979. Joy Division were among the batch of several post punk bands during the late 1970’s emerging from the Manchester area, however their music had some distinctive traits from the other bands. The lyrics were much better crafted, written mainly by lead singer Ian Curtis, the songs were darker and the stage presence more charismatic even if involuntary. Just a few months after the release of “Transmission”, when the band was getting worldwide attention and a day before embarking on their first U.S Tour, Ian Curtis committed suicide at the age of only 23 years old. Joy Division became one of the most influential bands in the 1980’s, but their enduring influence lasts to this day and can be heard on some songs of more recent bands such as The Editors or Interpol. A biopic of Ian Curtis, “Control”, directed by Anton Corbijn,  was released in 2007.

Watch Joy Division playing “Transmission” live on TV in 1979

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