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The Alternative Rock Icon P.J Harvey turns 54 today

The acclaimed singer/songwriter rose to fame in the early 90’s gathering loyal fans such as Kurt Cobain and John Peel

The Alternative Rock Icon P.J Harvey turns 54 today

P.J Harvey it’s one of the pioneers of modern Alternative Rock, she started to build her fan base during the early 1990’s with songs such as “Dress” and “50ft Queenie”. Polly Jean Harvey was born on October 9th, 1969 in Bridport, Dorset, England. In 1991 with her band, the trio P.J Harvey, she released their debut single “Dress” which got much praise from critics, specially from John Peel, and was a hit among Alternative Rock stations and fans. In 1992 with the album “Dry”, P.J breaks into the American market, the album, a milestone on Alternative Rock it’s often cited as being one of the groundbreaking records of the 90’s, it was one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite albums as stated by himself. In 1993 the P.J Harvey are signed by a major label, Island, and head to the United States to record their second album with producer Steve Albini in Minessotta, on the same studios that some months later Nirvana would record “In Utero” with Albini, in fact, the album “Rid Of Me” served as a demonstration for Nirvana to understand the acoustics of the studio before recording there. In late 1993 P.J Harvey decides to pursue a solo career, that was proven to be very successful, starting with her first big mainstream hit “Down By The Water”. Her 9th and latest album is “The Hope Six Demolition” and it was released in 2016. P.J’s career haven’t yet gone through a low moment, the fact that she has done the music she loves to do and her faithful audience throughout the years as well as the quality of her music are some of the reasons for her enduring success and influence on the current Alternative and Indie music scene. Harvey was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in the 2013 Birthday Honours for services to music.

Watch the live music video for “Dress” performed by P.J Harvey in 1992

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