Revisiting David Bowie “”Heroes””:  A musical photograph of the cold and grey Berlin

“”Heroes”” was released on October 14th, 1977

Revisiting David Bowie “”Heroes””:  A musical photograph of the cold and grey Berlin

“”Heroes”” was released on October 14th, 1977 as the second album of the “Berlin Trilogy, the album followed the same style of Rock/Electronic fusion that was made in it’s predecessor “Low”, this was a new Bowie created genre, and just like the RCA marketing for the album publicized back then “There’s Old Wave. There’s New Wave. And There’s David Bowie”. From the Berlin Trilogy this was the only album to be completely recorded in Berlin. Like “Low”, “”Heroes”” had a full instrumental B-side (except by the closing track “The Secret Life Of Arabia”. This is was a less commercial album than the previous though, again,  more complex and even experimental, it also features a more prevalent distorted and guitar driven sound by guitarists Robert Fripp and Carlos Lomar,. The A-Side featured cuts such as “Blackout” or “Joe The Lion” and the album’s biggest hit and most memorable song, “”Heroes””, a guitar driven track that became one of Rock’s absolute classics. The B-Side mostly remembered instrumentals were “V-12 Schneider” and “Sense Of Doubt”, a lot of the tracks from this album were used on the soundtrack of the German movie about teenage heroin addicts in Berlin “Christiane F.”, as well as a big chunk of the other Berlin trilogy albums “Low” and “Lodger” and some cuts from “Station To Station”. “”Heroes”” it’s one of the many David Bowie masterpieces, highly influential. There is darkness and doubt in the songs. the whole album it’s a complex musical photograph of the cold and grey Berlin, with the help of Tony Visconti and Brian Eno, Bowie accomplished one the best albums in music history.

Side 1

1 “Beauty And The Beast”
2 “Joe The Lion”
3 “”Heroes”” (Bowie, Brian Eno)
4 “Sons Of The Silent Age”
5 “Blackout”

Side 2
6 “V-2 Schneider”
7 “Sense Of Doubt”
8 “Moss Garden” (Bowie, Eno)
9 “Neuköln” (Bowie, Eno)
10 “The Secret Life Of Arabia” (Bowie, Eno, Carlos Alomar)

All songs written by David Bowie except where noted

David Bowie: vocals, keyboards, guitars, saxophone, koto, tambourine,[30] backing vocals, producer
Carlos Alomar: rhythm guitar
Dennis Davis: drums, percussion
George Murray: bass guitar
Brian Eno: synthesisers, keyboards, guitar treatments
Robert Fripp: lead guitar
Tony Visconti: percussion,backing vocals, producer
Antonia Maass: backing vocals
Colin Thurston: engineer

Produced by: David Bowie, Tony Visconti
Recorded during: July–August 1977 at the Hansa Studio by the Wall (West Berlin, Germany)
Released: October 14th, 1977
Label: RCA

“”Heroes”” / “V-2 Schneider” Released: 23 September 1977
“Beauty and the Beast” / “Sense of Doubt” Released: 6 January 1978

Strongest Tracks:
“Beauty And The Beast”, “”Heroes””, “V-2 Schneider”, “Sense Of Doubt”, “The Secret Life Of Arabia”, “Joe The Lion”

Watch a rare David Bowie performance of “”Heroes”” at the Dutch TV on October 13th, 1977

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