Madonna’s “Erotica” album and controversial “Sex” book were released 31 years ago

Between October 20th and 21st in 1992 Madonna releases two of her most popular works

Madonna’s “Erotica” album and controversial “Sex” book were released 31 years ago

“Erotica” was released on October 20th , 1992 and it’s Madonna’s fifth studio album, it’s a massive departure of Madonna’s 1980’s sound, “Erotica” it’s mainly based on Electronic and Dance, reminiscent of her 1990 song “Justify My Love” (the concept it’s similar), it scored some of Madonna’s best hits such as “Erotica”, “Deeper and Deeper”, “Bye Bye Baby”, “Rain” and “Fever”. “Erotica was released on Madonna’s label Maverick and produced by  Madonna, Shep Pettibone and André Betts. “Sex”  edited by Glenn O’Brien, was released on October 21st, 1992 one day after “Erotica”, by Warner Books, Maverick and Callaway Books, the controversial book featured photographs taken by Steven Meisel Studio and film frames shot by Fabien Baron. “Sex” included cameos by actress Isabella Rossellini, rappers Big Daddy Kane and Vanilla Ice and model Naomi Campbell among others. The book was issued as a companion to the record, however in a limited release. Take a look at some of the photos featured in Madonna’s “Sex” and the album art of  the “Erotica” album. The book release was highly controversial due to the pornographic concept of it, and it was banned in some countries such as Ireland and Japan, the music video for the song “Erotica” captures the concept of both the album and the book.

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