Bass player Robert Trujillo turns 59

He joined Metallica in 2003 replacing Jason Newsted

Bass player Robert Trujillo turns 59

Robert Trujillo was born Roberto Agustin Trujillo on October 23, 1964, in Santa Monica, California, U.S. Trujillo, is best known for being the third bass player for Metallica, he joined the band in 2003 to replace Jason Newsted, but Trujillo’s career didn’t start with Metallica. Growing up, he developed a passion for Motown and Jazz artists. He went to Jazz school at 19 intended to become a studio Jazz musician, however, his passion for Rock and Metal made him switch musical paths. He first gained prominence as the bassist for California thrash-metal band Suicidal Tendencies during the 1990’s, towards the end of the decade he joined Ozzy Osbourne band. In 2003 Trujillo joined Metallica with whom he remains and has had a successful career with. Aside of being a musician Trujillo also did some acting, especially as a teenager on the movies 1978  “House Calls” 1980 “Scout’s Honor” and in 1992  as himself in the hit Brendan Fraser comedy film “Encino Man” playing with his side project Funk band Infectious Grooves. Robert Trujillo is regarded as one of the best and most influential bass players in Rock of the last 20 years, His signature techniques are playing “massive chords” and “chord-based harmonics as well as the slap bass technique, seen mostly in his work with Suicidal Tendencies. Today, Robert Trujillo turns 59.

Watch Robert Trujillo playing a bass solo in Budapest, Hungary on April 5, 2018

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