Elton John performs”Crocodile Rock” on the “The Muppet Show” 46 years ago today

The memorable episode aired on this day in 1977

Elton John performs”Crocodile Rock” on the “The Muppet Show” 46 years ago today

When Elton John appeared on “The Muppet Show” episode 214 back on October 25, 1977, he was the first real rock star to host the program, following a string of comedians and country stars. As Brian Henson explains, John’s appearance on the show occurred as he was exciting his career’s more flamboyant stage act. Henson explains that John agreed to do anything on the show except wear all those “crazy flamboyant costumes with the big feathers and glasses.” But of course, the Muppets wanted all the crazy flamboyant costumes with the big feathers and glasses and they got their way. John performs “Bennie and the Jets”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” in full regalia. The show’s highlight is John’s rendition of “Crocodile Rock”, which remains one of the show’s most famous performances. Dressed in rainbow peacock plumage, a mirrored headdress, and pink glasses, John plays the song in a swamp, backed by the Electric Mayhem. It all ends in in true Muppet Show fashion, the crocodile chorus threatens to tear Elton John feather from feather at the end of “Crocodile Rock.” Kermit, in response: “How many times have I told you: Never eat the guest star at the beginning of the show?” A very popular song with kids, it helped send the “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player” album #1 on both sides of the Atlantic. It was Elton’s first #1 in the UK, but “Honky Chateau” went to #1 in the US earlier that year.

By Ken Warren, 2017/18

Look back at Elton John performing “Crocodile Rock” on The Muppet Show in 1977

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