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Europe’s bass man John Levén turns 60 today

Europe rose to fame in 1986 with “The Final Countdown”

Europe’s bass man John Levén turns 60 today

John Levén was born John Gunnar Levén on October 25th, 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden. He joined the band Europe as a bass player in 1981 and together with lead singer Joey Tempest is the only band member to have played on all Europe’s studio albums. Europe came to prominence in 1986 with their worldwide smash hit “The Final Countdown”, a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock song featuring a synthesizer sound base, Levén reportedly was the one who suggested that the song should feature the famous synthesizer intro. Currently he still plays and tours with Europe in a career that has now spanned for over 40 years. Aside of “The Final Countdown”, the band scored other hits such as “Rock The Night”, “Carrie”, “Superstitious” and “Cherokee”.

Look back at the 1986 music video for “The Final Countdown” by Europe

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