David Bowie appears on the Cher CBS Show in 1975

Two performances filled with Funk, Soul and Disco

David Bowie appears on the Cher CBS Show in 1975

In 1975 David Bowie was going through a drastic career and musical direction change. Just two years before he had became a worldwide Rock Star as Ziggy Stardust, but by the mid 1970’s Ziggy was no more, Bowie relocated to the U.S where he recorded his American “Plastic” Soul album “Young Americans”, and only around that period he finally debuted on the U.S TV, on The Dick Cavett Show in late 1974. One year later, he also performed on the Cher CBS Show; the performance featured the song “Fame” and a duet with Cher that included a Funky-Disco medley of “Young Americans” mixed with some oldies such as “Only You”. The show was broadcast on November 8th 1975.

Watch David Bowie and Cher “Young Americans” medley on the Cher Show in 1975

Watch David Bowie performing “Fame” on the Cher Show in 1975

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