Prince and the New Power Generation massive hit “Cream” peaks to No.1 in 1991

The song was featured in the album “Diamonds And Pearls”

Prince and the New Power Generation massive hit “Cream” peaks to No.1 in 1991

Released on September 9, 1991, “Cream” by Prince and the New Power Generation, was written by Prince and featured on the 1991 album “Diamonds And Pearls”. During the early 1990’s Prince was able to keep up with the success and popularity achieved during the 1980’s, despite the rise of Alternative Rock music. His album “Diamonds And Pearls” featured a string of hits for the singer, mostly Funk oriented. “Cream”, which Prince stated writing it while standing in front of a mirror, was issued with the B-Side “Horny Pony”, a rap song that was replaced in the album by “Gett Off”, another massive hit. On November 9, 1991, it peaked to No.1 on the U.S Hot 100 keeping “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” by Bryan Adams from reaching the top spot. The early 1990’s were one of Prince’s most creative and successful periods, despite the second half of the decade not producing any massive hits. “Cream” was also a worldwide hit and charted in several countries.

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