Chaka Khan gets back on the charts in 1984 with Prince’s “I Feel For You”

A smash hit featuring also Stevie Wonder and Grandmaster Melle Mel

Chaka Khan gets back on the charts in 1984 with Prince’s “I Feel For You”

Written by Prince, 1980’s massive hit “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan was first recorded and released by Prince on his 1979 self-titled album “Prince”, but back then, didn’t prove to be a success for the artist. In 1984, when the former Rufus singer was looking out for a hit to relaunch her career, she couldn’t have picked better than “I Feel For You”. The song became a worldwide massive hit, reaching the No.1 at the U.K singles charts on November 10, 1984. A little help was provided by Stevie Wonder who plays the harmonica (and also lends vocal samples from his song “Fingertips”) and by Grandmaster Melle Mel on the Rap section. It’s Mel’s voice we hear at the beginning of the song, famously repeating Khan’s name, in what was originally a mistake made by producer Arif Mardin, but decided to keep it. The smash hit helped indeed relaunching Chaka Khan’s career and remains her signature song. While touring with Prince in 1998 in support of her collaborative album, “Come 2 My House” she performed with Prince “I Feel for You” as a duet. Prince, as the songwriter, won the 1985 Grammy Award for Best R&B Song.

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