In 1983 The Rolling Stones music video “Undercover Of The Night” gets censored

The music video featured several scenes of gun violence and murder

In 1983 The Rolling Stones music video “Undercover Of The Night” gets censored

On November 1983 The Rolling Stones released their album “Undercover”, an acquired taste for some and a far cry from their 60’s and 70’s masterpieces, but despite it all,  the album still scored some hits for the Stones, “Undercover Of The Night” that peaked to No.8 on the UK charts, was one of the most popular songs to come out of the album however the music video was banned from TV including in the UK due to the violent nature of it including several gunshots and murders, the music TV show The Tube aired the video on TV after an interview with Mick Jagger on November 11th, 1983 however, the part where Jagger gets shot in the head was edited out. Aside of “Undercover Of The Night”, the album also included well-known Stones songs such as “She Was Hot” and “Too Much Blood”

Watch the uncensored version of the 1983 music video “Undercover Of The Night” by The Rolling Stones

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