“Shake Rattle And Roll” earns Bill Haley And His Comets their first Top 10 Hit

One of Rock N’ Roll absolute classics

“Shake Rattle And Roll” earns Bill Haley And His Comets their first Top 10 Hit

Originally recorded by Big Joe Turner, “Shake Rattle And Roll” gave Bill Haley and His Comets his first Top 10 single on November 11th, 1954, the song, released in  August 1954 and reached #7 on the Billboard pop chart, spending a total of twenty-seven weeks in the Top 40. Bill Haley who started as a Country singer went on to become one of Rock N’ Roll founding father scoring hits such as “Rock Around The Clock”. “Shake Rattle And Roll” remains one of his most well known songs and a Rock N’ Roll classic, despite the fact that it was originally recorded by Big Joe Turner, it was Bill Haley that popularized the song, this is mostly due to the song, in its original incarnation, being highly sexual. Perhaps its most salacious lyric, which was absent from the later Bill Haley rendition, is “I’ve been holdin’ it in, way down underneath / You make me roll my eyes, baby, make me grit my teeth”. On the recording, Turner slurred the lyric “holdin’ it in”, since this line may have been considered too risqué for publication. The chorus used “shake, rattle and roll” to refer to boisterous intercourse, in the same way that the words “rock and roll” were first used by numerous rhythm and blues singers.

Watch Bill Haley and His Comets performing “Shake Rattle And Roll” in 1969

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