T’Pau peaks to No.1 with “China In Your Hand” in 1987

The British band had a string of hit singles during the late 1980’s

T’Pau peaks to No.1 with “China In Your Hand” in 1987

British band T’Pau had a strong impact on Pop music during the late 1980’s that didn’t lasted long enough, however they were able to produce some of the 1980’s most popular songs. On November 14th, 1987 they peaked to No.1 in the UK with “China In Your Hand”, taken from their debut album “Bridge Of Spies” released in 1987.  The song’s title according to singer Carol Decker is the effect you get if you hold a china cup to a light, you can see your hand through it. Unlike their previous single “Heart And Soul” that peaked to No.4 in the U.S Hot 100, “China In Your Hand” was a hit mainly in Europe and didn’t chart in the U.S.

Look back at the 1987 music video of “China In Your Hand” by T’Pau

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