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The Doors sign with Elektra Records in 1966

The band had been rejected by several labels before

The Doors sign with Elektra Records in 1966

The Doors are now one of the biggest Rock bands of all time, they also have some of Rock’s most enduring music that includes classics such as “Light My Fire”, “People Are Strange” or “Riders On The Storm”, however they struggled to find a label that considered them worth of being signed to. The Doors formed in 1965 in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, they started to play the L.A Sunset Strip club circuit that year and recorded their first demos which were rejected by labels such as Columbia. In 1966, during a residency at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Jac Holtzman, head of Elektra Records attended one of their shows suggested by Love’s Arthur Lee. Holtzman, who always had a visionary eye for talent saw the potential behind The Doors apparent alienation and “weary” sound. The band was signed by Elektra on November 15th, 1966 for a 7 album contract deal. They released their first album in January 1967, “The Doors”, that produced some of their biggest hits such as “Light My Fire”, that peaked to No.1 in July that year, “Alabama Song” and their debut single “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”. The band had a successful career run despite the controversial Jim Morrison’s stage antics and problems with the law that drove them to a premature end in 1971. Jim Morrison died on July,3 1971 on his apartment in Paris, France where he had been living since earlier that year. The Doors unique sound and timeless music, that at the time wasn’t sometimes commercial enough, are now regarded as part of their enduring and large following.

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