In 1973 a fan in The Who concert audience replaces Keith Moon

Moon collapsed and a fan volunteered to help the band finish the concert

In 1973 a fan in The Who concert audience replaces Keith Moon

On November 20th, 1973 The Who finished their concert at the Cow Palace in San Francisco with a fan behind the drums. The legendary and excessive Keith Moon collapsed after his drink was spiked with horse tranquilizer. Unable to keep on with the show, Moon had to be taken off stage and The Who decided to keep on, to be able to do that they invited anyone in the audience who knew how to drum, the chosen volunteer was the 19 year old Scott Halpin that helped the band finish their last three songs. Halpin later stated that he admired The Who’s stamina, admitting, “I only played three numbers and I was dead.” Scott passed away from a brain tumor on February 9th, 2008 aged only 54.

Watch the moment at the Cow Palace in 1973 where Keith Moon collapses and is replaced by Scott Halpin 

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