Norman Greenbaum turns 81 today

He is mostly remembered for his 1969 hit “Spirit In The Sky”

Norman Greenbaum turns 81 today

Singer song-writter Norman Greenbaum was born on November 20, 1942 in Malden, Massachusetts. Often regarded as a one hit wonder, Greenbaum came to prominence with his 1969 song “Spirit in the Sky”. The song, with its combination of ‘heavy’ guitar, hand-clapping, and spiritual lyrics, was released by Warner Bros. Records in 1969 and it sold two million copies in 1969 and 1970. Although “Spirit in the Sky” has a clear Christian theme, Greenbaum was and remains an observant Jew. Greenbaum says he was inspired to write the song after watching country singers singing a song on television. In an interview Greenbaum stated that western movies were the real inspiration for “Spirit in the Sky”.

Look back at Norman Greenbaum performing his 1969 hit “Spirit In The Sky” on French TV

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