The Partridge Family debut single “I Think I Love You” peaks to No.1 in 1970

The song was sung by David Cassidy

The Partridge Family debut single “I Think I Love You” peaks to No.1 in 1970

Composed by songwriter Tony Romeo in 1970, “I Think I Love You”  was released as the debut single by The Partridge Family pop group, featuring David Cassidy on lead vocals and Shirley Jones on background vocals. It peaked to No.1 on November 21st, 1970 at the Billboard Hot 100. The song was featured in the first episode of the Partridge Family TV series, made by the same company that made The Monkees, but despite appearing on the TV Show as being played by members of the Partdrige Family, the only cast members of the television show to actually sing on the recording of the song were David Cassidy and Shirley Jones. The music on the song was played by veteran studio musicians such as Mike Melvoin, Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Joe Osborne, Louie Shelton, Tommy Tedesco, and other L.A. session musicians from the Wrecking Crew.Background vocals on this, and all other Partridge Family recordings, were provided by veteran session singers: Ron Hicklin, John Bahler, Tom Bahler, and Jackie Ward.

Look back at a clip of The Partridge Family with David Cassidy performing “I Think I Love You” in 1970 on the series first episode

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