Guitarist Steven Van Zandt turns 73 today

He’s part of the famous Bruce Springsteen E-Street Band

Guitarist Steven Van Zandt turns 73 today

Steven Van Zandt was born Steven Lento on November 22nd 1950 in Boston, Massachusetts and like many artists of his generation his first influence to become a musician was when he watched The Beatles performance at The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Steven first met Bruce Springsteen in 1966 but it wasn’t until 1975 he joined the E-Street Band which was his doorway to success and popularity. As a guitarist of the E-Street Band, Steven scored several hit songs and albums including the 1984 “Born In The U.S.A”. During the mid 1980’s he pursued a solo career and had a minor hit with the song “Bitter Fruit” in 1987.In 1999, Van Zandt took one of the core roles in The Sopranos, playing level-headed but deadly mob consigliere and strip club owner Silvio Dante. Van Zandt had no acting experience, and the unusual casting choice was made by series creator David Chase. Van Zandt has a very active career and though he still plays with the E-Street Band these days, he also has several other music projects solo and with other artists. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the E Street Band in 2014, today he turns 73.

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