12 Top Placebo Songs

The Placebo co-founder and frontman Brian Molko turns 51

12 Top Placebo Songs

A Brief Overlook on Placebo and Brian Molko

Born in Brussels, Belgium on December 10, 1972 to an American father of Italian heritage and a Scottish mother, Brian Molko was brought up in several countries and cities: Dundee, Liberia, Lebanon, the village of Longeau in Belgium, and finally settling in the town of Sandweiler, in Luxembourg where he attended the European School of Luxembourg for a short period of time, switching to the American International School of Luxembourg,  where he first met future bandmate, the Swedish Stefan Olsdal. In 1994 while studying drama at Goldsmiths College in London, England, Molko ran into Olsdal, and from there they went on to form Placebo, Molko on vocals and guitar and Olsdal on bass, first together with drummer Robert Schultzberg, later replaced by Steve Hewitt. The band gathered a quick following across Britain’s Alternative Rock scene. With the Brit Pop movement slowly fading, Placebo stood out due to their androgynous appearance and musical content, and lyrics which openly discussed sexuality, mental health, and drug use. The band released their first album and single in 1996, and gained international exposure in 1997 the single “Nancy Boy”. Throughout the years they have kept their fanbase solid, and also their music signature intact, with their now “classics” successfully passing the test of time. Today that Brian Molko turns 51, here’s a selection of 12 of their very best songs

12 – “Taste in Men”, 2000

11 – “Special K”, 2001

10 – “The Bitter End”, 2003

9 – “Without You I’m Nothing” feat. David Bowie, 1999

8 – “You Don’t Care About Us”, 1998

7 – “Every You Every Me”, 1999

6 – “This Picture”, 2003

5 – “Slave to the Wage”, 2000

4 – “Bruise Pristine”, 1996

3 – “Teenage Angst”, 1996

2 – “Nancy Boy”, 1997

1 – “Pure Morning”, 1998

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