The Disco hit “Ring My Bell” singer Anita Ward turns 67 today

She reached No.1 in several charts around the world in 1979

The Disco hit “Ring My Bell” singer Anita Ward turns 67 today

Anita Ward was born on December 20th, 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee, she came to prominence with her Disco hit “Ring My Bell” which topped the charts around the world in 1979, including No.1 on the U.S Hot 100. Despite the big success she had with the song, which was originally a juvenile-targeted tune about teens talking on the telephone and was rewritten with more ‘adult’ lyrics to best fit the Disco trend, Anita is still regarded as a one hit wonder to this day. She tried to re-launch her career several times after that but without any success and as of 2011 she’s still active as a singer. Today Anita turns 67.

Look back at Anita Ward performing her hit “Ring My Bell” in 1979

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