The Danish born Metallica co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich celebrates 60, watch and listen to some of his best drumming performances

Born into a family of professional tennis players, Ulrich career was until 16 oriented to also be a professional Tennis player but watching Deep Purple in concert as a child changed it all

The Danish born Metallica co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich celebrates 60, watch and listen to some of his best drumming performances

The son of tennis player Torben Ulrich and grandson of tennis player Einer Ulrich, the Danish born drummer Lars Ulrich is today regarded as one of the most influential in Rock music, owning a signature drumming style that molded Metallica’s sound. Lars Ulrich was born in Gentofte, Denmark on December 26, 1963. Ever since he was a child, was oriented into following the sports career, specifically Tennis, like his father and grandfather. And it was his father, a Rock fan that first introduced the 9 year old Lars to the band Deep Purple by attending together one of the legendary band’s concert. The young Lars became fascinated with the heavier Rock sound made by Deep Purple and as he stated later, it was a turning point to him on becoming a drummer. At age 16 he moved to Los Angeles to train Tennis professionally, but instead he formed Metallica with James Hetfield. The band released their debut album “Kill’Em All” in 1983 and quickly gained a reputation among underground Metal fans, but they wouldn’t stay underground for too long. The following year, 1984 they progressively started to hit the mainstream with their second album “Ride the Lightning” and after a series of successful Metal albums, in 1991 they released the definitive mainstream oriented album “Metallica” also known as “The Black Album”. Today, Metallica are pretty much a Rock music institution, and though their sound has shifted and mellowed down since their early Trash Metal days, they haven’t lost their legion of fans and remain one of the best selling bands of all time. Lars Ulrich, who asides of being the drummer has songwriting credits on all of the band’s songs, turns 60 today, check these Top 10 drumming performances on Metallica songs by him.

10 – Whiplash, 1983 (this version live in San Diego, U.S 1992)

9 – Of Wolf and Man, 1991 (this version live in Basel, Switzerland 1993)

8 – Harvester Of Sorrow, 1988 (this version live in Moscow, Russia 1991)

7 – Sad But True, 1991

6 – Fight Fire with Fire, 1984 (this version live in Indianapolis, U.S 2019)

5 – One, 1988

4 – For Whom The Bell Tolls, 1984 (this version live in Donington, England 1991)

3 – Master Of Puppets, 1986 (this version live in Seattle, U.S 1989)

2 – Battery, 1984 (this version live in Seattle, U.S 1989)

1 – Enter Sandman, 1991

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