David Bowie’s “Changes” was released on this day in 1972

The song was one of Bowie’s earliest international hits and became the last song he performed on stage

David Bowie’s “Changes” was released on this day in 1972

Originally released on the album “Hunky Dory” in December 1971 and as a single on January 7, 1972, the day before Bowie’s 25th birthday, “Changes” it’s one of David Bowie’s most famous songs, it was one of his earliest hits and remains to this one a fresh and influential song. This single is cited as David Bowie’s official North American debut, despite the fact that the song “The Man Who Sold the World” was released in North America two years prior. This was the last song Bowie performed live on stage before his retirement from live performances at the end of 2006. The musical arrangement featured the composer’s saxophone, Rick Wakeman’s keyboards and Mick Ronson’s strings, while the stuttering chorus has been compared to The Who. The song was a regular feature of Bowie’s live performances as Ziggy Stardust in 1972–73, appearing again on the Diamond Dogs tour in 1974 and the Station to Station tour in 1976. It charted for the first time on the UK Singles Chart on 15 January 2016 at number 49 following Bowie’s death. The single originally featured another “Hunky Dory” song on the B-Side “Andy Warhol”

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