Nirvana delivers an explosive performance at Saturday Night Live on this day in 1992

It included “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Territorial Pissings” and…french kissing

Nirvana delivers an explosive performance at Saturday Night Live on this day in 1992

On January 11th, 1992, Nirvana were already one of the biggest Rock bands in the world. After the unexpected success of “Nevermind” released in September 1991, the Seattle band was now leading the Grunge and Alternative Rock music revolution, taking airwaves and TV by storm. When they were invited to perform on the U.S national TV on one of the most watched shows,the NBC’s Saturday Night Live, in January 1992, they gave a stunning performance at the best Punk Rock fashion that seldom was seen on national TV. The band played their hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but was the second song they performed, the chaotic “Territorial Pissings” that made the Nirvana 1992 appearance on SNL memorable. At the end of the performance, Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl smashed their instruments and left the stage under a massive noise feedback. Later they returned along with the cast of the show for the end credits, but decided to give something different to the live audience rather than just waving goodbye. Passionate advocates for gay rights, Kurt, Krist and Dave french kissed not really to shock but as a statement, later, when the show was re-aired that part was excluded. Nirvana returned for another performance on Saturday Night Live in September 1993, but unlike the first time, controversy free.

Watch Nirvana, Saturday Night Live 1992, performing Smells Like Teen Spirit” plus end credits

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