Celebrate Dave Grohl’s 55th birthday with the Top 12 Foo Fighters music videos

The former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman turns 54 today

Celebrate Dave Grohl’s 55th birthday with the Top 12 Foo Fighters music videos

Dave Grohl was born in Warren, Ohio on January 14th, 1969. He became famous as the drummer for Nirvana during their most successful years from 1990 to 1994. With Nirvana he recorded the studio albums “Nevermind” in 1991 and “In Utero” in 1993 along with several singles and B-Sides, including his only composition “Marigold” that was recorded by the band, as well as the famous “Unplugged In New York” concert. After Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994, Grohl formed the Foo Fighters. The band released their first album self-titled “Foo Fighters” in 1995, which consisted on songs Dave Grohl had previously written while in Nirvana and some even for Nirvana. A multi-instrumentalist, Grohl played every instrument and did all vocals on the Foo Fighters debut album. In 1997 the band released their successful second album “The Color And Shape”. One of the biggest forces in contemporary Rock, Foo Fighters are one of the 1990’s bands that have been active the longest without ever breaking up. Most recently they released their latest album “Concrete And Gold” in 2017. Aside of being a musician, Grohl has also engaged on occasional acting roles such as in “Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny” and “The X-Files”. Dave Grohl is considered often as one of the nicest guys in the Rock industry and has been one of it’s most influential musicians since the 1990’s. The several music videos he has done with the Foo Fighters over the years are some of the most entertaining and popular since the 1990’s, we’ve put together the 12 best and most entertaining Foo Fighters music videos to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Dave Grohl.

12 – “All My Life”, 2002

11 – “Walking After You”, 1997

10 – “Run”, 2017

09 – “The One”, 2001

08 – “Walk”, 2011

07 – “Long Road To Ruin”, 2009

06 – “Breakout”, 1999

05 – “My Hero”, 1997

04 – “Low”, 2002

03 – “Big Me”, 1995

02 – “Everlong”, 1997

01 – “Learn To Fly”, 1999

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