The Bangles founder and guitarist Susanna Hoffs was born on this day in 1959

The famous 1980’s Rock band was responsible for several hit songs during the decade

The Bangles founder and guitarist Susanna Hoffs was born on this day in 1959

Born Susanna Lee Hoffs on January 17, 1959, in Los Angeles, California, to a Jewish family. Hoffs is best-known as the lead singer and guitarist with the well-known pop group the Bangles, but Hoffs has also enjoyed an impressive career as a solo artist and a collaborator with a wide range of artists. Inspired by The Ramones and other punk bands, Hoffs founded The Bangs with Debbi Peterson and Vicki Peterson. After recording their first album, the night before it was to be printed, they learned of a legal claim by an East Coast boy band requiring a sudden change of name. The Bangles enjoyed a worldwide wave of success during the 1980’s with songs such as “Walk Like An Egyptian”, “Manic Monday”, “Hazy Shade Of Winter” and “Eternal Flame”. In 1991, Hoffs released her debut solo album, “When You’re a Boy” (the title comes from the David Bowie tune “Boys Keep Swinging,” which Hoffs covered), but while the song “My Side o the Bed” fared well as a single and received steady MTV play, the album was a commercial and critical disappointment, and Hoffs subsequently took several years off to focus on her personal life. In 1993, Hoffs married film director Jay Roach, and they welcomed their first child two years later. In 1996, Hoffs’ self-titled sophomore album was released to enthusiastic reviews, though once again it failed to sell as well as expected. The band started drifting back together in 1998, and officially re-formed to record a song for the soundtrack of “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”. In January 2014, they performed at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, California, in celebration of The Whisky’s 50th anniversary.

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