Transvision Vamp’s singer Wendy James turns 58 today

The band scored several Pop Punk hits during the late 1980’s including “I Want your Love”

Transvision Vamp’s singer Wendy James turns 58 today

Wendy James became famous during the late 1980’s as the singer of the British Pop-Punk band Transvision Vamp. She was born in London on January 21st, 1966 and when she was a teenager she met Nick Christian Sayer, who became her boyfriend and musical collaborator, together they formed Transvision Vamp and got signed by MCA in late 1986. The band released a cover version of the Holly and the Italians song “Tell That Girl to Shut Up” in late 1987. Months later the follow-up single “I Want Your Love”, with its pop/punk crossover appeal, entered the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart and was a hit all over Europe, however, the band failed to break into the American market. They released their debut album “Pop Art” in 1988, the record scored several hit songs for Transvision Vamp including “I Want Your Love”, “Sister Moon”, “Revolution Baby” and “Tell That Girl To Shut Up”. In 1989 they released the follow up “Velveteen” that featured the songs “Baby I Don’t Care” and “Landslide Of Love”. Transvision Vamp disbanded during the early 1990’s after three successful years run as a band. Wendy James debuted as a solo artist in 1993 with the album “Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tears” but failed to achieve the same success and popularity she had as the singer for Transvision Vamp. Wendy released her latest solo album “The Price Of The Ticket” in 2016. Today she turns 58.

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