David Bowie’s Station To Station: The creative side effects of the cocaine

The return of the thin white duke happened on this day in 1976 with the release of one of Bowie’s pivotal albums

David Bowie’s Station To Station: The creative side effects of the cocaine

The literal “side effects of the cocaine” were to be heard in “Station To Station”, an album that was made during Bowie’s highly problematic period of cocaine and every other substance abuse while living in Los Angeles. After the much successful incursion into soul music with the album “Young Americans”, Bowie needed again to explore new musical paths, always fearing getting stuck, at the same time, he was also playing the lead role on the movie “The Man Who Fell The Earth”. By then it had became usual for Bowie to use a link of connection between his albums,each connecting to the previous one through a song or just a riff. In this case, the epic opening and title track “Station To Station” hints at Bowie’s next phase to come. A short album, featuring only 6 tracks but not a single weak one. “Stay”, “Golden Years” (made for Elvis Presley), “Word On A Wing”, “TVC-5” and the soulful Johnny Mathis “Wild Is The Wind” complete what some consider to be the unofficially first Berlin Trilogy album.

Side 1
1 “Station to Station”
2 “Golden Years”
3 “Word on a Wing”

Side 2
4 “TVC 15”
5 “Stay”
6 “Wild Is the Wind” (Washington, Tiomkin)

All lyrics written by David Bowie; all music composed by David Bowie except where noted.

David Bowie: vocals, guitar, tenor and alto saxophone, Minimoog, Mellotron
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Roy Bittan: piano, organ
Dennis Davis: drums
George Murray: bass guitar
Warren Peace: backing vocals
Earl Slick: guitar
Harry Maslin: melodica, synthesizer, vibraphone

Produced by: Harry Maslin and David Bowie
Recorded during: September–November 1975 Studio Cherokee, Los Angeles
Released: January 23rd, 1976
Label: RCA

“Golden Years” Released: 21 November 1975
“Station to Station” Released: 23 January 1976
“TVC 15” Released: 30 April 1976
“Stay” Released: July 1976
“Wild Is the Wind” Released: November 1981

Strongest tracks:

Watch this rare footage video from 1976 of David Bowie live at the Montreal Forum, Canada, performing “Station To Staion” (audio from Nassau Coliseum, New York, 1976

Also watch the 1976 music video “Wild is the Wind” by David Bowie

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