How did Jim Morrison got busted in Las Vegas and escaped a last minute “private” off-duty cop meeting

On this day in 1968, the controversial Doors singer got once again in trouble with the law

How did Jim Morrison got busted in Las Vegas and escaped a last minute “private” off-duty cop meeting

On January 28th, 1968, The Doors frontman Jim Morrison was having some fun in Las Vegas but let things got out of hand when he became extremely “intoxicated”. Together with his friend, writer Robert Grover, he stopped by at the Pussycat a’ Go-Go, an Adult Theater, when he spotted the security guard, he decided to smoke a cigarette like a joint. The security guard took it as an act of provocation and Morrison reportedly told him: “Whyn’t you jump up my ass?”. He was immediately met with a billy club to the head, and both Morrison and Grover were arrested for public drunkenness and disturbing the peace. To make things more complicated Morrison had no ID on him as well, it was one of his habits to carry nothing but cigarettes and a bank or credit card in his pockets. But Jim Morrison wasn’t finished and kept taunting the cops in the parking lot of the club and at the police station. The pair were strip-searched, doused with a boric acid powder and thrown into a cell. According to the official Morrison’s biography “No One Here Gets Out Alive”, at the police station the pair was harassed by the cops who kept referring to Morrison and Grover as “girls” due to their long hair. Morrison continued to yell profanities at the cops until one of the officers said that he would see Morrison “in private” when he clocked out. Luckily, Grover’s girlfriend was able to post bail for the duo before that meeting took place. Jim Morrison was one of the most controversial Rock Stars of all time. During his short life that ended at 27, he was arrested 7 times, 5 of those happened during The Doors most successful years, including one arrest on stage in New Haven, Connecticut in 1967, one for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior, Indecent Exposure, Public Profanity and Public Drunkenness on stage in Miami, 1969, he was also arrested at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona for disturbing the peace during a flight after the plane crew called the police in 1970 and for Public Drunkenness and Vagrancy (when he was found sleeping on the steps of private home) in 1970. Jim Morrison died prematurely in July 1971 in Paris, France, after moving to that country to escape the pressure he was under in the U.S due to the Miami concert incident trial.

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