Remembering the actor Brandon Lee born on this day in 1965

The son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee tragically passed at age 28 during the filming of “The Crow”, on what is considered to be his finest performance

Remembering the actor Brandon Lee born on this day in 1965

A Brief Overlook on Brandon Lee’s life and career

Born in Wilmington, North Carolina on February 1, 1965, Brandon Lee was the first child of the legendary 1970’s film star and martial artist Bruce Lee. He started to develop interest and desire to become an actor from visiting his father’s movie sets who at the time was one of the major leading men in action films. At an early age, Lee studied acting and in 1986 he made his screen debut opposite another action legend, David Carradine, in the 1986 ABC’s TV film “Kung Fu: The Movie”, a spin-off of the 1970’s hit series “Kung Fu”. The following year, in 1987, Brandon Lee earned the lead role in the pilot “Kung Fu: The Next Generation”. After starring in several action films, in 1992 he landed his breakthrough role, and the one where he finally could freely show his acting skills to main audiences, as Eric Draven in “The Crow”, based on the comic book of the same name. But on March 31, 1993, a few days away from completing the film, Brandon Lee was accidentally killed after being shot on the set by a prop gun that fired a bullet from a dummy round that was accidentally lodged in the chamber. Brandon Lee was only 28 at the time of his death, and was never able to witness the public’s reaction to his performance as Eric Draven, where he had put all his acting abilities. The film was completed by re-writing the script, using early CGI technology and stunt doubles and released as tribute to Lee in 1994, Lee’s performance in “The Crow” is considered his finest, and the movie was a worldwide box-office success.

Movie clip from The Crow, 1994, featuring Brandon Lee

Movie trailer for The Crow, 1994

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