James’ singer Tim Booth was born on this day in 1960

The Manchester band achieved popularity during the early 1990’s with songs such as “Born Of Frustration”

James’ singer Tim Booth was born on this day in 1960

Tim Booth was born in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England on February 4, 1960. In 1981 whilst a student at Manchester University studying drama, Booth joined the band James as the lead singer and lyricist. The band achieved commercial success in the early 1990’s with the rise of the Manchester music scene, and their single “Sit Down” reaching number 2 in the UK Singles Chart. Their critically acclaimed 1992 album “Seven” featured some of their most popular songs, such “Born Of Frustration” and “Sound” where Booth’s distinctive vocals are highly perceivable. Side by side with the American Grunge and Alternative Rock scene of the early 1990’s, James found an audience for their sound among the fans of both styles and throughout the 1990’s they were able to produce more hit songs such as “Laid” and “Sometimes”. In 2001 they had another hit with “Getting Away With (All Messed Up)”. Soon after he left James and spent time concentrating on teaching the dance practice known as the 5 Rhythms, a movement meditation practice. He rejoined the band in 2007, however, today Booth focus more on his acting career rather than music. He turns 64 today.

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