On this day in 1969 The Move were No.1 with “Blackberry Way”

The song presented a drastic departure from their previous sound

On this day in 1969 The Move were No.1 with “Blackberry Way”

Inspired by The Beatles’ “Penny Lane”, and, written by Roy Wood and produced by Jimmy Miller, the moody and bleak “Blackberry Way” was a counterpoint to the sunny psychedelia of The Move’s earlier recordings. It nevertheless became the band’s most successful single, reaching number 1 on the UK Singles Chart on February 5, 1969. Despite the success of the single, the style of psychedelically tinged pop sat uneasily with bassist Trevor Burton and he left the group shortly after. The recording of “Blackberry Way” involved two future members of the 1970’s band ELO, which were Roy Wood and Richard Tandy who played Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), played harpsichord.

Watch The Move performing “Blackberry Way” at the Colour Me Pop TV Show, 1968

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