Mr.Mister peaks to No.1 at the U.S Hot 100 in 1986 with “Kyrie”

The song was a successful follow up to their 1985 smash hit “Broken Wings”

Mr.Mister peaks to No.1 at the U.S Hot 100 in 1986 with “Kyrie”

Released on December 21, 1985 as a single from their album “Welcome to the Real World”, the song “Kyrie” gave Mr. Mister their second US No.1 when they hit the spot on March 1, 1986. The successful follow up for the 1985 “Broken Wings”, their signature song, remained only one week at the top spot in the Hot 100 but became a worldwide hit. The lyrics to “Kyrie” were written by Arizona-born John Lang who co-wrote the songs on all of Mr. Mister’s albums. Here’s some curious facts about the lyrics of the song: Kýrie, eléison means “Lord, have mercy” in Greek, and is a part of many liturgical rites in Eastern and Western Christianity. Kýrie, eléison; Christé, eléison; Kýrie, eléison is a prayer that asks “Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy. According to Page the entire song is, essentially, a prayer. Also, in contemporary Greek, one of the English translations of the root word, κύριος (kyrios) is “Mister”.
The music video for the song features the band in performance mixed with footage taken at the tail end of their Autumn 1985 tour with Tina Turner. Together with “Broken Wings”, “Kyrie” remains one of Mr. Mister’s most memorable songs.

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