In 2000 Madonna climbs to No.1 in the UK singles charts with “American Pie”

Her dance-pop cover of Don McLean’s classic was praised by the composer himself

In 2000 Madonna climbs to No.1 in the UK singles charts with “American Pie”

The famous 1972 Don McLean hit “American Pie” went through a severe mutation when in March 2000 Madonna releases her own version of it as a single. The original purpose of this release was to promote the soundtrack of her film “The Next Best Thing”, but quickly became another Madonna hit. Co-produced by Madonna and William Orbit and released on the singer’s Maverick label, Madonna’s cover of the original song mutated into a short dance-pop song that contains only the beginning of the first verse and all of the second and sixth verses. A worldwide hit, it gave Madonna her 50th UK hit and ninth UK No.1, reaching the top of the chart on March 5, 2000. The song was the 19th best selling of 2000 in the UK and the 9th best selling of 2000 in Italy, but wasn’t released commercially in the United States, however reached No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 due to strong radio airplay. It later got included as a bonus track on her 2000 album “Music”. Don McLean himself praised Madonna’s cover of his iconic song, saying it was “a gift from a goddess”, and that her version is “mystical and sensual” adding jokingly that “It means that if I don’t want to, I don’t have to work again.” The music video, filmed in the southern United States and in London and depicts a diverse array of ordinary Americans, including scenes showing same-sex couples kissing.

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