Pearl Jam original members Jeff Ament and Dave Krusen celebrate their birthdays today

Both had a significant impact on Seattle’s Rock scene popularity during the early 1990’s

Pearl Jam original members Jeff Ament and Dave Krusen celebrate their birthdays today

Dave Krusen was born on March 10, 1966, in Tacoma, Washington. Though not as famous or recognizable as other Pearl Jam members, Krusen was the original drummer for the band and recorded all the drum tracks for Pearl Jam’s successful debut “Ten”, released in 1991. He left the band after the recording was complete due to problems with drug addiction and was replaced by David Abruzzese who profited from the band’s worldwide success right after the release of “Ten”. Krusen went on to form and join several Alternative Rock bands such as Hovercraft, Diamond Star Halo, and Unified Theory among others, he’s the current drummer for Seattle band Candlebox. Today he turns 58.

Also born on March 10, 1963, was Pearl Jam founding member, bassist Jeff Ament. Jeff was born in Havre, Montana and was an influential member of Seattle’s underground Rock scene during the 1980’s. He was part of the seminal Grunge bands Green River and Mother Love Bone. After the death of Mother Love Bone’s singer Andy Wood, he went on to form Pearl Jam with whom he remains to this day. He was also part of the Grunge supergroup Temple Of The Dog that gathered together members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Ament makes a major songwriting contribution to Pearl Jam. He wrote the music for one of the band’s biggest hits, “Jeremy”, as well as “Nothingman” (from Vitalogy). His contributions to Pearl Jam’s songs have not been limited to music with Ament having written the lyrics for the Yield songs “Pilate” and “Low Light”, the Binaural songs “Gods’ Dice” and “Nothing as It Seems”, “Help Help” (from Riot Act), “Other Side” (from the “Save You” single), and “Sweet Lew” (from Lost Dogs). As well as bass contributions, Ament has often provided backing vocals and has played guitar on two of the Pearl Jam songs he had written musically: “Smile” (from No Code) and “Bee Girl” (from Lost Dogs). He performs lead vocal duties on “Sweet Lew” and also on the Ramones cover “I Just Want To Have Something To Do”. Jeff Ament was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Pearl Jam in 2017. Today he turns 61.

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