In 1999 Cher makes her way back to No.1 with her auto-tune smash hit “Believe”

The song features a pioneering use of the audio processor software and it’s one of all time’s best selling singles

In 1999 Cher makes her way back to No.1 with her auto-tune smash hit “Believe”

In 1998, Cher’s career was suddenly given a new breath when she released her smash hit “Believe” on October 19, 1998. Written by Brian Higgins, Stuart McLennen, Paul Barry, Steven Torch, Matthew Gray and Timothy Powell and Cher, who contributed with the lyrical verse “It takes time to move on, it takes love to be strong / I’ve had time to think it through and maybe I’m too good for you”, was released as the lead single from her twenty-second album, “Believe”, that became a fast best selling. Though it was a drastic departure from her Pop Rock style that listeners and fans had gotten used to since the 1960’s, the upbeat dance-pop song pleased the fans and critics. “Believe” features a pioneering use of the audio processor software Auto-Tune as a vocal effect, which became known as the “Cher effect” and over the last 20 years have been featured on contemporary pop music. It also uses unaccredited samples of “Prologue” & “Epilogue” performed by the Electric Light Orchestra. As many of Cher’s songs, the lyrics that describe empowerment and self-sufficiency after a painful breakup, became a fast favorite of the supportive LGBT fan community of Cher. On January 23, 1999, “Believe” reached the Top 40 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 and on March 13, it was number one, making Cher the oldest female artist, then 52, to achieve this and earned her a place at the Guinness Book of World Records for that. She also set the record for a solo artist with the longest span of time between number one hits, since “Dark Lady” reached number one in 1974. Overall, the smash hit peaked at number one in 23 countries worldwide, not only on main charts but also on Dance charts. It is one of the bestselling singles, with sales of over 11 million copies worldwide. The winning formula, generated a string of hits from the album followed “Believe”, including “Strong Enough”, “All or Nothing” and “Dov’è l’amore”.

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