The legendary Alice Cooper band co-founder and guitarist Michael Bruce turns 76 today

He’s one of the most influential Rock guitarists of all time and co-wrote many of Alice Cooper’s early hits

The legendary Alice Cooper band co-founder and guitarist Michael Bruce turns 76 today

Michael Owen Bruce was born on March 16, 1948, in Arizona. He became famous as the original guitarist for the Alice Cooper group during the 1970’s, where he was a guitarist, keyboard player, and vocalist. He co-wrote many of the hit songs with some or all of the other members of the band. Michael often had lyrics and music written for a song; the lyrics would then be reworked by Vincent Furnier (Alice Cooper). Two examples of this process are “Halo of Flies” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. There are several Bruce-only credited songs including “Be My Lover” from “Killer”. Bruce also sang lead vocal on the majority of “Swing Low, Sweet Cheerio” on the first album “Pretties For You” and all of “Below Your Means” and “Beautiful Flyaway” on the follow-up “Easy Action”, prior to the band’s breakthrough album “Love It to Death” on the Warner Bros. label. The Alice Cooper group released five more albums, all major Rock classics, “Killer”, “School’s Out”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Muscle of Love” and “Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits”, before taking a break from touring in 1974; several of the members wanted to record their own solo albums. Bruce ventured into several different bands and his own Michael Bruce Band, more recently, after years not playing together, he joined Alice Cooper again to collaborate on stage in some of the current Cooper’s tour along with the rest of the original surviving members. Bruce was also featured on three songs on Alice Cooper’s latest album, the 2017 “Paranormal”. In 2011, Bruce (as a member of the original Alice Cooper group) was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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