Actor Patrick Duffy turns 75 today

Actor Patrick Duffy is best known for his role in the primetime soap opera “Dallas”

Actor Patrick Duffy turns 75 today

Patrick Duffy was born in Townsend, Montana, in 1949, the son of tavern owners Marie and Terence Duffy. Duffy was living in Everett, Washington, and attended Cascade High School. At Cascade, he participated in the Drama Club and the Pep Club, for which he was a Yell King. He earned credentials in theater arts that entitled him to teach, graduating from the University of Washington in 1971 with a degree in drama. He ruptured both his vocal cords during his senior year of college, so he created the position of actor-in-residence, where he worked as an interpreter for ballet, opera, and orchestra companies in Washington. He also taught mime and movement classes during this period. In 1977, Duffy landed the role of Mark Harris in the short-lived television series “Man from Atlantis”. But Duffy is best known for playing Bobby Ewing on the hit drama “Dallas” (1978-85). In 1986, Duffy returned to “Dallas” for another six years, pausing briefly to take a personal leave after his parents were tragically murdered during a robbery. He later starred on the 1990s sitcom “Step by Step” with co-star Suzanne Somers and reprised the role of Ewing for a 2012 Dallas reboot. Duffy married Carlyn Rosser, a professional ballerina 10 years his senior, in a Soka Gakkai International Buddhist ceremony on February 15, 1974.They lived near Eagle Point, Oregon, with their sons Padraic Terence Duffy was born 1974 and Conor Frederick Duffy was born 1979 until Carlyn’s death on January 23, 2017.

By Ken Warren, 2018

Watch Patrick Duffy in “Dallas” as Bobby Ewing in 1986

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