Van Halen jump to No.1 at the U.S Hot 100 in 1984 with “Jump”

It remains the band’s signature song and their best selling single to date

Van Halen jump to No.1 at the U.S Hot 100 in 1984 with “Jump”

It’s one of the 1980’s most memorable and popular songs. A smash hit worldwide featuring a mix of hard rock guitars and synths, that only the 80’s could produce,  “Jump”, by Van Halen, was first released in 1983 as the lead single from their album “1984”. Though when it was originally written  in 1981 by Eddie Van Halen and presented to the band, that then rejected it, but when it was recorded in 1983 it end up becoming Van Halen’s signature song and their best selling single to date. The song differs from earlier Van Halen songs in that it is driven by a signature and now famous keyboard line although the song does contain a guitar solo, which was spliced together from multiple takes According to Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, parts of “Jump” where inspired by the song “Kiss On My List”, he stated: “Eddie Van Halen told me that he copied the synth part from ‘Kiss on My List’ and used it in ‘Jump.’ I don’t have a problem with that at all.” On March 17, 1984, “Jump” jumped to No.1 at the U.S Hot 100. Also helping the song’s popularity at the time was MTV. The iconic music video, directed by David Lee Roth himself, it’s a straightforward performance clip, much like many of the hard rock videos of the time, but Lee Roth makes the difference with his charisma and madness throughout the video. t was nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards, and won “Best Stage Performance”. The song was listed by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as one of the “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll” and still remains a top playing on radio’s and streaming.

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