60’s sex symbol Ursula Andress turns 88

Ursula Andress was born on this day in 1936

60’s sex symbol Ursula Andress turns 88

Former actress, model, and sex symbol Ursula Andress was born on March 19, 1936, in Ostermundigen, Switzerland. Andress is best known for her breakthrough role as Bond girl Honey Ryder in the first James Bond film, “Dr. No” in 1962. She later starred as Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film “Casino Royale”. Her other films include “Fun in Acapulco” (1963), “She” (1965), “The 10th Victim” (1965), “The Blue Max” (1966), “Perfect Friday” (1970), “The Sensuous Nurse” (1975), “The Mountain of the Cannibal God” (1978), “The Fifth Musketeer” (1979) and “Clash of the Titans” (1981). Andress dated film icon James Dean shortly before his death in 1955. That same year, she began an affair with actor/director John Derek, a married father-of-two who walked out on his wife, Pati Behrs, and their family to be with 19-year-old Andress. They wed in 1957 in Las Vegas, but separated in 1963 and officially divorced in 1966. Andress was in a relationship with American actor Harry Hamlin after meeting on the set of “Clash of the Titans” in 1979. She gave birth to their son, Dimitri Hamlin, on May 19, 1980. Although an engagement was announced, the couple never married. In 1983, Hamlin broke up with her. Andress last role to date was playing “Madonna” in the low-budget 2005 Swiss feature Die Vogelpredigt order Das Schreien der Mönche (English title: The Bird Preachers). She appeared in the documentary Masterpiece or Forgery? The Story of Elmyr De Hory (2008).

By Ken Warren, 2017

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