New Wave icon Lene Lovich turns 75 today

She remains most famous for their 1978 hit “Lucky Number”

New Wave icon Lene Lovich turns 75 today

Born in Detroit, Michigan, on March 30, 1949, Lili-Marlene Premilovich, later known as Lene Lovich, became one of the most relevant figures of the New Wave and Post Punk movement during the late 1970’s- Lovich moved to England when she was 13 and in 1978 she released her most popular album “Stateless” that produced the hit “Lucky Number”, her signature song. Side by side with German artist Nina Hagen, she became one of the earliest female singers to embrace the alternative side of the Punk culture. Lene Lovich remains active, touring and with several side projects and bands. She released her latest album “Shadows And Dust”, in 2005. Today she turns 75.

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