In 1964 The Beatles earn their their fourth No.1 in the U.K with the record-breaking “Can’t Buy Me Love”

The song was released at the peak of the worldwide Beatlemania

In 1964 The Beatles earn their their fourth No.1 in the U.K with the record-breaking “Can’t Buy Me Love””

Composed by Paul McCartney but as it was common back then credited to Lennon–McCartney, “Can’t Buy Me Love” was first released in the U.S on March 16, 1964 and on March 20,1964 in the U.K, backed with Lennon’s “You Can’t Do That” on the b-side. “Can’t Buy Me Love” was written under the pressure of the success achieved by “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, at the peak of the worldwide Beatlemania. The band had just reached No.1 in the U.S with “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, and EMI urged them to do a quick follow up. Like it happened to several of The Beatles earliest songs, “Can’t Buy Me Love” was written on the road, while the band was performing a 18 days concert row at the Olympia Theater in Paris, France. While staying at the famous Parisian hotel George V, McCartney used the hotel’s piano to write the song. The song also marks a changing on The Beatles previous used hit formula, and their direction as songwriters, featuring a more distinctive folk beat at times. They recorded it at the EMI’s Pathe Marconi Studios in Paris and the final mix was made in Abbey Road, London. Though initially released as a standalone single, “Can’t Buy Me Love” was later included on their album “A Hard Day’s Night”, soundtrack to 1964 Beatles debut movie. On April 2, 1964, “Can’t Buy Me Love” peaked to No.1 on the U.K singles charts, giving the band their fourth number 1 in their home country, and their third single to sell over a million copies. In the U.S, it peaked to No.1 only two days later, on April 4. It gave the band three consecutive No.1 singles – “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was replaced at number 1 by “She Loves You”, which was in turn replaced by “Can’t Buy Me Love” – and the three songs spent a combined total of 14 consecutive weeks at number 1, remains to this day the only time an artist had three number 1 singles in a row. But that’s not all, with the Beatlemania on full steam in the U.S, by the time the song reached No.1 The Beatles held the entire top five on the Hot 100, the next positions being filled by “Twist and Shout”, “She Loves You”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Please Please Me”, also, till this day, no other act has held the top five spots simultaneously. Aside of the chart topping in the U.K and the U.S, “Can’t Buy Me Love” was a worldwide smash hit and peaked to No.1 in several other countries.

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