Blondie calls for No.1 in 1980 with the “American Gigolo” movie theme “Call Me”

The song was composed by Giorgio Moroder and Debbie Harry

Blondie calls for No.1 in 1980 with the “American Gigolo” movie theme “Call Me”

Written by Debbie Harry and Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder, “Call Me” was specifically composed to be used as the theme for the 1980 movie “American Gigolo” starring Richard Gere. The lyrics were written from the perspective of the main character in the film, a male prostitute and Moroder originally asked Stevie Nicks to help compose and perform a song for the soundtrack, but she declined as a recently signed contract with Modern Records prevented her from working with Moroder. It was at this time that Moroder turned to Debbie Harry and Blondie. Moroder presented Harry with a rough instrumental track called “Man Machine”. Harry was asked to write the lyrics and melody, a process that Harry states took only a few hours. The song is featured on the “American Gigolo” movie intro as Richard Gere, playing his character Julian, drives on his convertible Mercedes along the California coast, in what became one of cinema’s most memorable scenes. The single was released in the United States in February 1980. It peaked at No. 1 on April 19, 1980, and remained there for six consecutive weeks until it was knocked off by Lipps, Inc.’s worldwide smash hit “Funkytown” In 1981, the song was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance and was ranked at No. 283 on the list of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

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