Turbo B, the voice of Snap! turns 57 today

With Snap! he had a string of hit singles during the early 1990’s

Turbo B, the voice of Snap! turns 57 today

Durron Maurice Butler was born on April 30, 1967, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He became famous during the late 1980’s and 1990’s as Turbo B, the lead vocalist for the German House and Techno band Snap! Turbo B became part of Snap! after completing a period of service with the United States Army in Germany. During that period he went on tour with Hip Hop band The Fat Boys and was discovered by the managers of Snap! His voice and charisma contributed immensely to the band’s early and overall success, and he remains the most famous member of the band. “The Power”, released in 1990, was the first of a string of hits Snap! would release during the early 1990’s with Turbo B on vocals, that included the now Techno and House classics “Ooops Up”, “Cult of Snap” and “Mary Had a Little Boy” all from their 1990 debut album “World Power”, and then in 1992 with “Rhythm is a Dancer”. Turbo B left Snap! in 1993 and embraced a solo career that didn’t had quite the same projection of Snap!. He rejoined them in 2000 but also with no commercial success. He remains today a solo artist, all though, he hasn’t released anything new since 2005. Today he turns 57.

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